Keto Goodies

About Us

After following the ketogenic diet for a while and facing those strong carb cravings that hit you every now and then, we went on a mission to find something that would end – or at least trick – our sweet tooth without hurting our weight loss and health progress. We tried virtually every product in the market, and we came out of the whole experiment frustrated and with some health issues caused by sketchy ingredients.

We know how dangerous ingredients and artificial sweeteners can be to our health – we had experienced firsthand the impact they can have in our bodies. It shouldn’t be this hard to find healthy treats without any doubtfully sourced ingredients.

We took the matter into our hands. We experimented, researched and went above and beyond to come up with product we are proud of. Products that not only wouldn't affect our health negatively, but that also tasted just like the treats that we had been craving - some would say even better.
And that's how Keto Goodies was born, from our hunger of not only tasty treats, but of health. And we decided to share our discovery with you!